New Coat Hook Technology Reduces Risk in Schools

In February, 1998, a tragic death occurred in a Southern Ontario school. While the actual sequence of events leading to the fatality are still unclear, the facts were that a student was found hanging from a coat hook in a school washroom and that he died of asphyxiation. The Coroner?s Inquest that followed made over 20 recommendations to school boards and Emergency Response Services related to this death, with the removal of coat hooks in school washrooms being one of the primary recommendations. Read more »

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Collapsible coat hooks need schools’ attention

SAFETY: The safety hooks were developed after the death of Myles Neuts at St. Agnes Catholic school in Chatham By KATHY RUMLESKI, FREE PRESS REPORTER

Becky Regier sat down at the kitchen table with The London Free Press on a February morning in 1998 and her world quickly changed. She read the story of 10-year-old Myles Neuts, who was found unconscious, hanging on a hook at St. Agnes Catholic school in Chatham. He died. Regier couldn’t get the tragic story out of her head. “I put myself in Myles’ shoes and I thought, ‘What was he thinking when he was hanging there? Was he calling for his mom and dad?’ I couldn’t fathom that happening to another child,” she says. Regier started her mission, then, to try to save other children from Myles’ fate. It’s a mission she’s still on, 11 years later. Read more »

Coat Hooks are for Coats, NOT Kids!

December 1992: Marilyn Dumas, a 9-year-old girl lost her life as she was accidentally hung on a coat hook while playing in a washroom stall at school.

February 1998: Myles Neuts, a 10-year-old boy was found hanging on a coat hook in a washroom stall at school. Myles died six days later.

April 2004: Tallon Moffat, a JK student, was found hanging from a coat hook in her classroom while her classmates attended a presentation in the auditorium. Fortunately, her teacher realized she was missing and found her before she was seriously injured.

April 2005: 9-year-old Dominic Jones hung himself on a coat hook in a cloakroom at his school to play a prank on his classmates. Thankfully, he survived the incident after spending two days in ICU. Read more »

Specially designed safety hooks delivered to Chatham-Kent

MUNICIPALITY: To be installed in facilities


A tragic incident from more than a decade ago could make local facilities safer for children. Approximately 2,700 specially designed coat hooks were delivered to the municipality yesterday. Henkel Hook created the devices, which can support about 26 pounds, so the weight of a child will cause the hook to collapse. Read more »

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