How the Henkel Hook Can Prevent Injury or Even Death from Bullying Tactics

Stop Bullying Concept


Although bullying in school is nothing new, more students are being bullied than ever before. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one out of every four students reported being bullied in 2015. Only 36% who said that they were bullied actually went to a teacher or administrator to report the incident. More than half the time, the bullying went on without any grownup intervention. And according to statistics compiled in a Penn State report, there is no single cause for bullying. Looks, body shape, and race made up the most common reasons reported.


Given the prevalence of bullying, school administrators must do everything they can to ensure students are safe, especially when bullying is often unseen and unheard. In addition to peer mediation groups and bullying education programs, schools must also consider the environment in which students find themselves throughout the day in school.


In the classroom, a teacher should be able to provide supervision, but there may be moments when the teacher isn’t in the room. In other places, like the bathroom, there will likely be no supervision of any kind. What can school administrators do to keep students safe when supervision may not be present?


A Different Type of Classroom Coat Hook to Enhance Safety in Schools


The HenkelHook? addresses one bullying problem that has been an issue since the 1800s. A bully would hang a student from a coat hook, thinking that it was funny not knowing that the student could get seriously hurt or even die. There have been several reported deaths from such an incident. Moreover, the idea of the HenkelHook? was actually conceived after Becky Regier enlisted the help of her father, Jim Henkel, to design an affordable collapsible hook after she read a story about a child dying in Ontario in such a manner.


Rather than take out coat hooks, which can affect personal hygiene and overall classroom space, the HenkelHook? prevents bullying accidents like those mentioned above from ever occurring. The HenkelHook? supports weight of up to 26 lbs. so a student can hang his or her coat and bag, but anything more than that will cause the children’s coat hook to fall, ensuring the student’s safety. In an environment where bullying is commonplace, the HenkelHook? remains a viable and affordable option for school administrators.