The HenkelHook? is suited to areas where safety and hygiene are a concern, particularly where children and frail or infirm adults can be present in an unsupervised environment.

These areas include:

  1. washrooms
  2. coat rooms or cubicles
  3. change rooms in gymnasiums, swimming pools, medical examination facilities
  4. showers
  5. spas and saunas
  6. waiting rooms
  7. exercise rooms.

The facilities in which the HenkelHook? should be installed include:


Public, Separate, Parochial, Private, Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Post Secondary

Child Care Centres

Public, Private, Corporate, Institutional


Homes, apartment complex exercise rooms & pools, rental housing

Recreational & Vacation Facilities

Children’s camps, theme parks, campgrounds, cruise ships

Fitness Facilities

YM-YWCA buildings, Fitness Clubs

Hospitals, Medical Clinics

Public & Private, Psychiatric, Geriatric, Rehabilitation

Long Term Care Facilities

Public & Private

Government Institutions & Facilities

Arenas, court houses, police stations, jails, prisons, offices, locker rooms, military installations, park facilities

Hospitality Industry

Restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, motels, bars, conference rooms